English language training is given every day of the week by our expert English teacher at our school.
Gymnastics lesson is given once a week by our Physical Education teacher who is an expert in his field.
Music - Orff
Music - Orff training is given two days a week by our expert Music teacher.

Private Ömersan Yıldız Kindergarten

Our school monitors the cognitive, language, sensory, social and kinetic development levels of our children between 32-72 months, with activities for their age groups and development areas;

  • Individuals with social skills and open to communication
  • Investigative, creative, versatile thinker
  • Confident, able to express herself easily
  • Responsive to individual differences
  • Aware of her own interests and skills
  • Conscious of nature and environment
  • Thinking Versatile
  • Choice and problem solver
  • Able to use Turkish correctly and fluently
  • To raise individuals who understand and love Atatürk

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"We should accustom our children to express their thoughts without hesitation, to defend their sincere beliefs, and to respect the sincere thoughts of others in return. At the same time, in their pure hearts, to arouse love and interest in truth, good and beautiful things, together with the love of their homeland, nation, family and citizen. must be worked on."

Registration Terms
The following documents are required when enrolling our children in school.

• Copy of identity card 
• Health report (throat and stool culture)
• Photocopy of vaccination certificate 
• Four photos 
• One photograph of mother and father

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